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The full-stack media localization solution that brings AI technology, speed and security to enable you to easily get your media content global

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Customized integrations which include connecting of platforms, faster asset transfer, more control over projects, status checks, and much more to ensure maximum working efficiency.


Secure file transfers, log tracking, IP security checks, secure platforms and watermarks on all scripts and videos are just some of the many ways we ensure your content is 100% safe and secure.


With our internally developed and customized media RAY platform, you´ll benefit from instant file transfers, streaming video, auto preferred linguists, automatic deliveries, task automatization, and much more


Lee Konstanty

From NDAs, Secure Closed Systems and a SCIF… How Safe is Your Data?

Elena Thelemann

A dynamic approach to the changing audiovisual landscape

Doron Schwartzblat

Chatbot Evolution

What if content could be created, produced, distributed and localized to a world-wide audience in 24H?

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